Grilles for windows

One of the things we are most concerned about in our home is the security of it and, therefore, of ourselves. For this reason, one of the most commonly used alternatives in single-family homes or ground floors are window grilles. A system that will help us to make our home a safer space.

You should not forget that, in order for the grilles to fulfil their function optimally, you should take into account that they should be made of the most suitable material. And the design should be adapted to your needs and the needs of your home.

Investing in security for the windows of your home means investing in improving the quality of life of your whole family, because being safe in our home is priceless.

A wide variety with which you can also introduce an aesthetic touch to your home. So, if the idea of installing window grilles in your home is on your mind, this is of interest to you. Well, below, we will show you what the alternatives are and the different options and prices of window grilles.

The best prices for window grilles

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Wrought iron window grilles: modern, simple or rustic

Wrought iron grilles are a guarantee of durability, as this material withstands the inclemency of the weather in the best possible way.

This type of grilles is usually used for more classic or rustic aesthetic models, which are usually mixed with other elements such as stone walls or wooden beams, but we can also find modern proposals.

In addition, iron railings stand out for being made with solid wrought iron bars, which makes them practically unbreakable.

Currently, you can find a wide variety of models in our online shop where you can buy your railings. And we ship all over Europe.

For modern windows

But if you are looking for modern window grilles, you will also find them in our online shop.

And is that modernity has come to these security elements to stay. They bring a more daring and avant-garde style and give the facades an air of originality.

These made-to-measure window grilles can be manufactured in different materials, giving us the possibility of playing with the interior framework.

We can opt for windows with different shapes and models that can become a central decorative element in your rooms. But we must not forget that they are a security system.

This type of grilles are usually designed with straight lines or following rhythms and geometric lines that are much more minimalist than the traditional ones. Thus, we can find grilles with very pure designs, with straight lines and without ornaments, and also folding grilles, made to measure. And directly from the workshop to your home

For simple windows

Simple window grilles tend to have a classic design, which aims to be as efficient as possible in its security function. Deciding to fit simple window grilles will give us the freedom to install them on facades of different designs, as they will adapt without any problems.

For example, classic wooden windows combine perfectly with black wrought iron grilles. They preserve simplicity and tradition without neglecting the security of the home.

You should not forget that simplicity, in many cases, is synonymous with effectiveness, not only at a functional level, but also at an aesthetic level. Simple compositions, with straight and simple lines, will add a touch of aesthetics while fulfilling their security function.

In addition, you can choose between different types of materials for the finish of the grilles for simple windows, having the opportunity to buy your grilles online.

For rustic windows

Rustic window grilles are characterised by preferring the use of wrought iron as a material for their manufacture. This is mainly because wrought iron is a classic method of working iron. And, although it has lost popularity nowadays, it is still a very popular alternative to give a rustic touch to windows.

We must not forget that wrought iron window grilles combine both aesthetics and functionality. And they create a more homely atmosphere in the home as they are generally linked to craftsmanship and durability.

If your intention is to give your façade a vintage style, grilles made of quality materials, such as wrought iron, will give it a great personality.

You can also opt for handmade grilles for your rustic windows, which you can order directly from the workshop without intermediaries. And we can install them both in Barcelona and in the surrounding area. In our workshop we adapt to your tastes and needs.