Stainless steel and wrought iron railings

In our online store you can find stainless steel and wrought iron railings, both straight and inclined. You can also find these in various shapes and designs, guaranteeing the safety of users at all times. And made with tubes, galvanized steel profiles, iron or wrought iron.
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Stainless steel and iron railing

The railings are protection elements for both stairs and for balconies that combine safety and protection with aesthetics and design. And its main feature is that it can be installed both outside and inside your home. Being necessary to give a greater treatment to the wrought iron railings that we install abroad.At you can buy modern iron railings, railings of classic wrought iron and stainless steel railings with different designs and made to measure. With the possibility of acquiring them directly from the workshop without intermediaries. And with the guarantee that they are designed and manufactured in Barcelona (Spain).Both iron railings and stainless steel railings from our workshop will guarantee a longer useful life. And we can install in Barcelona and surroundings on terraces, wrought iron railings on balconies and stairs. And adapt to the measures you need and the budget you have.

Stainless steel railings

Exterior or interior railings are an essential protection element. Therefore, they must be made of a strong and resistant material, such as stainless steel. There are a wide variety of stainless steel railing designs. And they can be used both indoors and outdoors. On stairs, balconies or terraces.Thanks to their composition, stainless steel railings are safety elements that do not require much maintenance. Because they are stainless steel railings they withstand adverse weather conditions, sudden temperature changes, etc.Stainless steel railings for exterior or interior can have both modern and classic designs. In addition, as a finishing option, they accept different paints and textures. What makes them better integrate into the environment and decoration.In addition, their price is very competitive and as the maintenance they require is little, you will be saving twice. In our online store you can find them with shipping throughout Europe.

Wrought iron railings

The iron railings are another of the security systems that you can use in your home, office, restaurant, etc. And at the same time, you can take advantage of them as exceptional decorative elements. Well, without losing sight of the purpose for which they have been manufactured, wrought iron railings are ideal for integrating into the design of your home in a harmonious way.At we have very varied designs. And you will also have the option to customize your own railing with different shapes and accessories. You will have a wide range of possibilities, always taking into account your style, these could be modern wrought iron railings. Or, on the contrary, be more classic.Another interesting feature of modern iron railings is that you can combine them harmoniously with other materials. The advantage of designing your own wrought iron railing is that with our workshop in Barcelona you can receive your railing directly from the workshop without intermediaries.