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Having good iron gates, gates and iron doors in your house in Barcelona, is something that can be within your reach. In our workshop, we make custom designs at the best price and quality. And it is that our staff works in a traditional way all kinds of fences and gates. So that your home is safe and unique.

And we must not forget that both gates and iron gates and doors must have the perfect combination of security and aesthetics. Because all of them will be a large part of the presentation of the exterior appearance of your home. And they will also be responsible for providing you with the security you need.

For these elements, which are essential for the security of your home, to be long-lasting, you will have to make sure that they are made of top quality materials, such as solid iron. Materials that we work with in our company and that you can choose to your liking.

In addition, as we adapt to the tastes of our customers, we can make unique designs. From simple metal gates with circular bars, to other much more elaborate ones, with turned bars. All of them designed to measure and that you can purchase through our online shop. And we also have an installation service in Barcelona and surrounding areas.

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Exterior metal doors

One of the most important parts for the security of our home is the door, as security begins with an exterior metal door. These elements of passage must be like the guardian of our house, resistant and safe. An element that should protect us from all dangers and external intruders.

If we neglect to have high quality metal exterior doors, we could be exposing our entire family to external risks. Therefore, it is important that the gate you choose fits your aesthetic needs but that it is made of a resistant material such as wrought iron or stainless steel, among others.

At you can buy the outdoor metal gate that you like or order one made to measure. Our gates are characterised by being made of materials such as steel and iron. And they have reinforcements of other types of metals, such as aluminium, which is much lighter.

In our online shop you can find metal doors of all prices, sizes and varieties. With shipments throughout Europe and the possibility of contracting our assembly and installation services in Barcelona and surrounding areas.

Iron gates and doors

Both gates and entrance doors are the main connection between the inside and the outside of our home. That is why we cannot skimp on the quality of these elements that safeguard our family’s peace of mind. Moreover, in many cases, exterior iron gates are a reflection of the interior of our home, so it is important to have tailor-made iron gates and doors.

We must not forget that the entrance doors are going to be the first element that visitors to your home will see. And, therefore, they will be the first impression they get of it. Therefore, if you want to have protective elements that reflect the personality of your home, you can visit our workshop or visit our online shop.

Here, you will find a wide variety of iron gates for houses, from the most basic to the most aesthetically elaborate. All of them are manufactured to the highest quality standards and we can make them to measure.

Gates at a very competitive price and with the guarantee of being manufactured by craftsmen with many years of experience.

Stainless steel gates

At you can also find stainless steel gates for exteriors. One of the most affordable alternatives that you can find in our online shop, but they are still very secure.

One of the advantages of these doors is that they are very resistant. This is due to the fact that stainless steel is a highly durable material, which resists temperature changes very well and requires very little maintenance. In addition, it is a very light material, so stainless steel doors move more easily, but still provide security for your home.

In addition, stainless steel doors work optimally with various security systems and automatic opening and closing mechanisms. That is why, due to the security they offer, the price and the aesthetics, many people choose this type of door.

Galvanised doors

In our workshop and online shop you can also find galvanised doors. Galvanised gates are one of the best alternatives for exteriors, because galvanised gates combine security, aesthetics and durability in a great way.

Galvanised steel exterior gates are designed to provide security and protection. And they are also a very economical alternative. In our workshop we manufacture custom-made galvanised gates and galvanised double leaf gates. An ideal way to have an exclusive and handcrafted door.

For this, we follow manufacturing processes that meet all quality standards. Thus offering unique products that meet the expectations of our customers. For this reason, we use the cold galvanising technique called zinc plating to manufacture this type of locking elements. A process in which a layer of zinc is adhered to the steel of the door guaranteeing its protection against corrosion caused by contact with air and humidity.

Metal gates

On our website you can also find metal gates. A very interesting alternative if you want to efficiently combine the security of your home with decorative elements.

You can find a wide variety of models, many of which are unique pieces, as they are iron gates with wrought iron details handcrafted in our workshop.

A safe and stylish way of fencing off your garden or patio. And that will allow you to play with shapes and styles. This is because iron is a flexible and malleable material which, when exposed to high temperatures, can take on different shapes. And it acquires great resistance and hardness when it cools down.

You can choose from a wide variety of models or ask us to create a customised design for your home. Our work is personalised and we adapt to the needs and tastes of our customers as well as their budgets.

The designs and decorations of the metal gates can be very varied, from knots or spirals, to floral motifs or geometric shapes. And if you prefer iron gates with a more modern cut, we can manufacture gates with straight and minimalist lines.

Iron gates

Gates are a very special element in your home, as they are the entrance door to your home. Therefore, they should not only be special, they should also be harmonious with the gate of your home. So, when ordering an iron gate for your house or for your property, we must take into account the rest of the design, both of the iron gate and of the railings. Therefore, it is advisable to work with specialist companies in the sector such as

On our website you can order and purchase directly from the workshop without intermediaries all types of wrought iron gates. From sliding iron gates, the best if you don’t have much space. To the most classic or avant-garde models. All of them manufactured in Spain and with deliveries all over Europe.

We can make both manual gates and gates that can be fitted with an automatic opening and closing mechanism. And also, iron gates that can be hinged by means of pins or pivot points. All of them can be found in both classic and modern designs. And, by applying anti-corrosion treatments, they will last longer with less maintenance.

Door grilles

We cannot deny that grilles are an architectural element that we associate with window grilles, but we can also install them on doors. Windows are not the only connection between your home and the outside world and, therefore, they are not the only ones that need security.

Entrance door grilles are the security elements preferred by many users, because they are resistant and give us a greater sense of security. In addition, grilles for exterior doors will add a special touch to the decoration of your façade, as they have a very strong presence and a wide variety of designs.

You will be able to choose from a variety of designs, from the simplest and most classic to the most elaborate. For example, you can install gates with plain iron bars, turned iron bars, gates with lyres, floral elements, etc.

And with us, your grilles for doors or balconies will be completely made to measure. We also make fixed, double-leaf and folding balcony railings. We offer you the design or we adapt to your tastes and expectations. All at the best price and quality. And you can count on our installation service if you do not want to take care of the assembly yourself.