Metal fencing and fences

Metal fencing is a protection and security system with which we can delimit any type of space or infrastructure. It can be a house, a farm, a factory, etc. Thus, the purpose of metal fencing systems is to protect and enclose or close off a specific space.

Therefore, one of the best alternatives for installing a metal fence in any space is custom-made. As this will be adjusted to the requirements you need. Tailor-made solutions will meet your expectations and design preferences, adjusting the price to the budget you have in mind.

There are different options to delimit and provide security depending on the space you want to fence. For example, metal fences for the garden or integral solutions such as metal fences on a wall.

In our online shop you will have the possibility to buy cheap metal fences in different designs and finishes. For example, wrought iron fences, ornamental fences or rigid mesh to install on walls.

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Metal fences

Metal fences are one of the most popular options when it comes to enclosing spaces such as gardens or terraces. This is mainly because the installation, in many cases, is quite simple, such as, for example, metal fences on walls.

However, we must not forget that there is also the possibility of installing a metal fence directly on the ground with the most suitable foundation. One of the most commonly used is the Hercules type fence. This type of metal fencing consists of rigid panels made of 5 mm thick wire mesh. This type of metal fence stands out for having a reasonable price and for being used for the enclosure of various spaces, such as gardens, communities or detached houses.

But if we talk about widespread use, we have to mention the double twist mesh, as this mesh model is the most used for the enclosure of large areas. Its widespread use is mainly due to the fact that this type of wire mesh is economical. The manufacture of this rhomboidal metal mesh is made with 2.05 mm galvanised wire, which is attached to galvanised metal posts. You can buy this type of fencing in our online shop with shipping throughout Europe.


Metal fences and enclosures

Metal fences are basic elements that will help us to guarantee the security of our properties, whether they are homes, large facilities or plots. Metal fences allow us to delimit and enclose, as their name suggests, properties of various types and sizes, protecting them from intruders.

When we buy metal fencing, we do so in order to protect our properties that are outdoors, such as plots of land. In addition, we can opt for metal garden enclosures, making this space more secure.

We must not forget that, in addition to providing security to the plots, metal fences can fulfil other functions. Among these functions, we must highlight that the metal fencing for plots will be the visible face of the plots where you decide to install them.

If you want to improve the security of your outdoor spaces, and the appearance of these, you can buy custom-made metal fences, designed and manufactured in Barcelona (Spain), and shipped throughout Europe.

With the right metal fencing, you will make your plots and spaces safer and have a better image. And you will be able to decide between several models and prices, adapting the metal fence you choose to your requirements.